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    RMS hopeless since it went to the cloud. Very slow Speaking with a guest arriving at our motel who owns a caravan park in South Australia. She said she knew of more than 200 caravan parks in Australia that had dropped RMS, if the internet goes down you can’t use RMS.Must have a backup computer using a wireless 4G phone connection therefore at an increased cost.

    RMS is too big for most motels as it has dedicated pages for Boat length Caravan length berths in caravan not needed by motels. Statistics are very basic almost none. You have to extract your data from their reports then put in excel to get your own charts etc Guestpoint good for statistics. ie % Occupancy, rooms let day by day, month by or whatever time period you want, same for revenue etc
    Satin a good programme but do not know about integration with your checkin machine.
    Note we do not have a checkin machine but operate a night key safe which guests access via a code number generally the last three numbers of their mobile phone but we check them in at 9.00pm extract the payment for one night from their CC or from Expedia virtual card and place a receipt in their room. Light on and heating if necessary . Frequently we will call guests about 7.30pm and inquire as to their arrival time.

    Many booking systems do not have to be in the cloud for a third party to access it – this particularily true for Satin, it appears that Satin has a window added to give the third party access to your Satin if required but it is for a fee..