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    We use little hotelier but we are investigating other systems at present. We had an issue where littlehotelier kept changing our rooms pricing to a flat $85 when it should of been $140 – They played the blame game that it was or expedia’s discounting the rooms and nothing to do with littlehotelier…. 4 weeks later and logs provided to little hotelier from and expedia showing that little hotelier changed the pricing with no intervention by us and they still haven’t worked out how that happened.

    Little hotelier is user friendly but extremely limited in what it can do.
    Poor housekeeping report, basically non existant invoicing system (we have to use QuickBOOKS for invoicing), group bookings not clear, no sms integration… or any integration with any other addons etc, unable to add / edit guest database. Support is hit and miss – can take 3wks to reply one time and then other times 2 days. They like to close your support ticket without actually fixing the issue.

    But apart from that, pricing is the best you’ll find anywhere $139ex which includes channel manager and pms and booking button/portal, iphone app – all in one solution. We are just wanting more from our pms now.
    We are investigating and narrowed down to – RMS, guestpoint, newbook.. We looked at Hirum demo but just found it quite primitive and awkward to use.

    Would be interested to hear about other peoples experiences with rms / guestpoint and newbook.