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    Probably RMS is the worst system that I have used. Written by accountants for accountants and is certainly not motel reception friendly. It is written for a multitude of users, caravan parks, marina’s etc. Why do I need the facilities to enter boat length etc.
    The cursor always seems to be floating, make a booking for one room and another room comes up. Four steps to go through to print a receipt. It is extremely slow and frequently freezes – blamed on our poor internet speed but we have direct Telstra cable and when tested last week gave 139 mbits. NBN is only a max of 100mbits.

    Very slow as it is in the “cloud” and when booking persons in you want speed. Statistics are extremely poor. Only advantage of being in the cloud is that you do not need a backup.

    But you should run your own backup for all the other information that you have on your computer – you can back up often as you like every 5 mins if necessary depends on how you set your parameters. RMS will say that it is useful for offsite personnel to log into your system. But then this can be done with the majority of the alternative system, Guestpoint, Satin,