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    1. Product(s) used – We use Tancredi for our main meals and source our own Veg and Steak’s, also sourcing our own breaky stuffs.
    We have a basic menu – Fish chips and veg or salad. Pie chips and gravy. Hamburger bacon and egg with chips, Lasagne chips and veg or salad,

    2. Times for return of order forms and your absolute cut off times.
    allow minimum 45mins for delivery is stated on our menu (most get it in around 4 to 5pm for 7 to 7:30pm

    3. Do you pick up dinner trays?
    When we deliver the tray we ask that they leave it out on the table outside their room and we’ll pick it up.

    4. Prices you charge.. is there an industry standard.
    We charge $14 and comes with a can of softdrink – remembering that it is all easy quick to make food easily stored in freezer. The pub is literally 200m away from us so our meals is purely convenience and we find that it’s most popular with workers etc and most touristy people prefer to eat out at the pubs bistro

    5. Meal times served?
    Strictly 5:30pm to 8:30pm (though after 8:30pm there is NO WHERE to get anything to eat so we have fired up the fryer at 10pm, not often though)