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    I will not align with Agoda, my channel manager asked me the other day if i was interested and I said no thanks, I have heard too many bad things about them and this forum is just cementing that fact!
    I have just signed up to Hooroo which is the Qantas Jetstar, they only charge 12% and there is another Australian one called Free2chooz, who only charge 10%.

    I am with AOW where we need to band together against these ota bullies, unfortunately not enough of us are willing to stand up and be counted…. it might affect our bookings!! Well they are affecting my bank balance!!
    I REALLY wish EVERY motel would have the same rules….
    book online pay the complete tariff up front, not this “book now pay later”
    one body per sleeping position NOT “oh he sleeps with me at home.. NO NO NO
    ALL charge a fee for using OTAs (we cant have a cheaper tariff on our ow website because the toothless tiger ACCC wont stand up for us, we are only allowed to offer free things like breakfast… I wish it were free for me to provide it!!!
    Ok I will get off my soap box now!!

    I tell EVERYONE that comes through our door, about the necessary evils of OTAs, the commission they charge and the fact that is UNTAXED i read somewhere it was 64million that went offshore last year.I tell them how expedia are going to give their loyal customers an extra 10% so out of every$100 i charge they will be taking $25. i reckon 95% of the guests are shocked. I then explain to them to use either hooroo or they only charge us 10-12% AND it stays in Australia!
    I also tell them to type accommodation Bangkok or broken hill where ever they want to stay and look for the map that has the little red beds. You can see where on the map you need to be and then click on the red bed. It will will tell you the name of the motel, go over to the left hand side and it will give you an average room price, reviews from trip/b.c/exp and also the motel contact details. Ring the motel and tell you’ve found a room for $100 online will you match it? I tell them that 9/10 we will because its us who give the otas their tariff. I also tell them that it is a misconception that is is always cheaper on line. Motels usually add 10% to the tariff to try to recoup some of the commission that we are charged. i also tell that we don’t charge any fees if you book directly with us. If you book online the third party that actually takes your money charges you a fee to hold your detail safe, and its non refundable should you cancel.