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    Hi, We have done both! What a shame you don’t have access to a commercial laundry!

    When we took over we were with company A, and I am VERY particular, I would be sending back credits quite frequently until the owner came out and saw me a few times. He eventually sold to company B…. like going from the fire into the frying pan! I once counted 24 different types of washers!! We left and went to company C. They came and removed all the linen we had on hand and replaced it with all brand new and named. So when we sent linen in we got our own back. It was great, we had a few credits but no where near what we had with company B. Then 18 months later, company C sold out to company B so we were back to square 1.
    We kept all the toweling and launder it ourselves (we sent the sheets and pillowcases in). We do have a commercial washer but is not huge and we have a dinosaur dryer. We did this for about 8 months. We were tied to the laundry, and when it was cold and wet it was a nightmare. Heaven help us had we done the sheets ourselves!!
    We weighed up the water, electricity, chemicals and our time, and we were going backwards. Luckily, we have a really good rapport with the delivery guy and I asked him about the toweling, and he said it had improved out of sight. I looked in the van, and we have been back with them since.
    It was not worth the time or the money to do this ourselves.
    We have just done an order form mainlinen for some protectors and cheap as chips!! and the freight from Brisbane to regional NSW was only $27.
    Good luck with it