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    Hi All

    I write to express my very serious concern in relation to practices by as in some cases have no regards for the laws & legislations in this country.

    A person who is blacklisted by us as a motel operator is allowed by to make a booking thru their channel even We contacted them to express our concern & informed them of the blacklisted person.

    Their policy by is: unless the guest agrees with the cancelation of the booking then the motel operator must pay for the guests relocation. The Law does confirm that a licensee or business owner “reserves the right of entry”

    2 – A booking that is a no show & credit card on file declined is considred as bad debt as the motel operator can’t charge the no show fee.

    Booking .com policy in relation to this matter is: guest must use the same declined credit card 3 times for 3 different bookings at the same motel before would blacklist the guest from making a booking.

    Their practice is against consumer law. A service provider has every right to refuse supply of goods & services to a customer with outstanding debt.

    I discussed this matter with with no positive outcome. It seems to me that they have a free run to do whatever they want.

    If anyone experienced the same issue please contact me at email or my mobile: 0405663698 to make a petition and make complaints to the authority. It seems to me that these cow boys have their own rules & regulations.

    Kind Regards