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The tiny mouse that roared!

David McCall Sunday, August 21, 2016 News In Brief
For more than twelve months, motels and hotels alike that use a virtual credit card system (VCC) for collecting monies from guests for prepaid bookings, have faced anguish with online travel agents (OTAs) advertising mixed messages.

OTAs have continually splashed messages of ‘no deposits’, ‘nothing to pay until arrival’ and ‘no credit card fees’ on their websites, making guests and moteliers frustrated with OTAs promoting ‘easy to use’ booking systems with misinformation for guests. In some cases, OTAs have allowed motels to state that monies may be taken at time of booking and that booking fees apply, but if the enthusiastic guest doesn’t scroll down further on the page, the message is never seen. To add to this, there are some OTAs that won’t allow the motelier to even state that they use the VCC system, which creates even more back lashes with guests, often resulting in cancelling the booking.

On a recent visit to Hong Kong, David McCall from Arra Accommodation Group (Budget Motels) met with directors at a Booking.com conference and raised the above issues that his members were constantly dealing with. He pointed out that these problems would be right across the board with other motel/hotel groups in Australia using the VCC system as well.

David McCall’s concerns were met with reassurance that a clearer message for Oceania properties using the VCC system would be rectified and corrected very soon. David McCall said that the best way to forge ahead with the large OTAs was to build stronger relationships and work with them, rather than against them. He welcomed the news that Booking.com would assist his Chain and looked forward to seeing other OTAs following suit in the very near future.”