I have now got to the bottom of this after much digging around. Apparently (before our time here) our motel agreed to be part of a 'Loyal Agoda Customer' scheme whereby the guest gets and extra 10% off (like Booking.com Genius Booker) but that 10% extra is costed to us, the motel, rather than Agoda - just like Booking.com. So, in a nutshell, the OTA gets extra guests at the cost of the motel! What a load of rubbish! I asked, in no uncertain terms, for Agoda to take us off this programme as we currently run around 85% occupancy anyway and didn't need their charity thanks!
It's time we as a motel industry banded together AGAINST these OTA's otherwise we will have no profit left whatsoever. Shout this from your roof tops: WE WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER DEAL IF YOU RING US DIRECT!