Hi Paul,

J - I just read commissions in America and Europe are hitting 20-25%; and that Australian Internet Watchdogs are expecting it to flow on now that Expedia and Priceline (Booking.com) are buying up everyone. I believe We all need to keep updating our websites frequently to stay in the top listing of Google and thus try our best to get direct bookers; sadly there are thousands who do not understand what it means to Us when they book through an OTA, and now Expedia are offering X nights and get 1 free, and some Motels, etc. do not offer a discount for booking direct (happened to my Son) which very much surprised me. To date, I have noticed our overseas OTAs have cost Us 12% & 15% for commission. I'm surprised Agoda was 25% because they are under the Booking.com umbrella. I figured Wotif would increase to 15% (16.5% as 1.5% bank merchant fee) due to Expedia taking them over.

Booking nil availability has happened to Us too; our Channel Manager suggested that two OTA Staff Members were booking the same property at the same time. Not good for We the Accommodation Providers ! Can't see the OTA paying for the bumping of the Guests to another property ! They've not taken responsibility when We have received fraudulent credit card guests - so now We say to the Guest EFT or PayPal the deposit; and on arrival the balance will be paid via your card on our Eftpos Machine when they use their PIN number.

G - The OTAs act like bullies and take the first page of any search for "accomodation" with paid ads.
sometimes the whole first page of a google search has links to OTA's
Google is also part of the problem as they are behaving like an advertising company. This makes it very hard to get your own property onto the first page.
Our battles have only just begun and without organized unity we have no chance of wrestling OUR customers back with our own loyalty programs