This was sent to us through It may be worth while getting onboard with the loss you have suffered.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL HOTELIERS Dear Hoteliers, If you have experienced unfair, misconduct or losses as a result of Booking.coms business practices, please email a very brief outline of what you have endured. Issues that have been raised to date 1. do not have an API, payment gateway or appropriate process for ensuring credit cards are not fraudulent or stolen. 2. are misleading guests/customers that payment for their booking has been taken. 3. is restricting venues from selling nights, as they may be blocked despite that the guest/customer has not actually paid, for a minimum of 3 days. 4. Potentially causing losses for not permitting venues to cancel guest reservations immediately when credit cards are not approved. 5. Booking.coms contract is nugatory as it doesnt apply to AUS and NZ legislation, and inter alia is not executed by the venue. Our Legal Division are now compiling a brief to Booking.coms legal counsel by 1 July 2016, so please have your submissions in as soon as possible.