Hi Paul , we have a motel in Euroa(castle creek motor inn) , 1.5 hrs north melbourne on the hume hwy , ours runs at about 50% to 55%, its an older style motel that we have refurbished completely. We have a lot of stopovers from sydney , canberra, wagga etc.
We also get the work crews for the roads/ railway line and plenty of tradies etc.
But we also have alot of weddings during the warmer months. There are 3 motels in town of 2200 population and i think all 3 motels run about the same occupancy .
Of course it depends where you are but if you work round those figures i think it would be around the mark.
If you get up around the 60 to 70% mark with no bad reviews they say you should put your prices up.
Last year we had 70% but that was because of a large project happening in the area, so we just treated that as a bonus and gave ourselves a bonus holiday.
Just my thoughts on the subject , others may have a better idea