We fixed expedia up for not having contact details for after hours guests arrival. Our conditions for booking clearly state contact office before 9pm for late checkin details . So one night one of expedias guests didn`t bother to contact us , so i went on there website and cancelled the booking . The guest turned up at 11.30pm
ringing motel etc. By that time i had already resold the room .
Expedia then ring me at midnight saying that he is waiting to checkin , so i referred them to our conditions. So i told them this is why we need contact details of the guests. So anyway i said that they should give us the phone number and was told that they can't because of privacy laws, i told them thats bullshit cos they send me there credit card details , anyway cut a long story short they now include the guests number. You just have to be very straight with them or follow through on your conditions of booking and once they don`t comply with them they will hand over the number.
Only problem is nowadays most people won't answer there mobile phone, so if this is the case we just leave the key hanging on the door in an envelope with there name on it .
But we always charge the credit card nowadays once we are in the 24 hr window for cancellations because quite often guests will only transfer enough money on the day to cover the room cost. So if it doesn`t go through we cancel the booking with expedia or with booking.com we will send an email with credit card declined which they will very quickly reply to if they still want the room, if they don't reply booking.com allow you to cancel the booking from the motel end.