We send everyone an information email when they book which clearly explains in bold lettering our cancellation/alteration policy. We also tell them on the phone they have until 2pm the day before arrival to cancel otherwise they will forfeit their deposit.
Why should we refund when its not our fault that you missed the plane? and as the large motel stated, the airline is not going to give you a refund so why should we??
We have have had a few people ringing saying they have broken down and will not be able to make it, again, I am sorry but too bad (not in those exact words!!). We were threatened with a bad review, "that's your choice, but you still wont get a refund!!"
We really are the only industry where the guest gets to tell us how to run our business. Its time we ALL took a stand, and stick to OUR rules not the "you are the only motel that does this" crap!!
We need standard rules across every motel.
*No kids sharing the adults bed, one body per sleeping position ONLY.
*perhaps EVERY motel take the first night's tariff to secure booking
*and EVERY motel have a 24hour cancellation policy, that way the guest knows every time they book exactly what the rules are!!
OK I'm off my soap box now!!