Oh, nasty! If your town has a legal council approved brothel, as we do, then you would be breaking the council law to knowingly allow a prostitute to work out of your motel.

But if not, personally, it is up to you who you allow to stay or not. I always recon that this is where I make my living, not someone else! At $200 an hour, they make way more than me!

However there was a court case about two years ago where the motelier in QLD was taken to court by the prostitute for just this reason and lost the case, with a $10k fine. The reason was that the prostitute had previously stay at the motel and plied her trade! I know it went to appeal, but can't remember the outcome.

Around here, they have been booking on AIRB&B to get accommodation to work out of and because the owners are not around, they just don't know what is going on.