I feel really sorry for you guys, but it seems to be the name of the game these days that you are expected to provide a 24/7 service, keep smiling and get little return or respect for your best efforts.

I am sure that you already have a booking condition that says they must contact you before say 9pm on the day of arrival if arriving late? But, as is often the case, they don't read the conditions or choose to ignore them. However, this condition has always worked for us.

We also zero our room availability on the systems at about 8pm, so we get no late night bookings. I know some OTAs don't allow same day bookings after a certain time, but have never been able to work out which ones and when.

Get rid of the night bell and turn the phones off!

Now with some OTA's conditions (Expedia for example), state that you are not obliged to let the customer in if they arrive after midnight. After midnight is deemed to be a booking for the following day not the previous. Not sure if Booking.com do the same.

The industry has repeatedly requested OTAs to make certain fields mandatory, like eta and phone numbers, but it has fallen on deaf ears. They look at the wrong side of the fence and have little understanding of what we are trying to achieve. Booking.com did change some fields to mandatory late last year, but then changed it back again for some reason.