I recently came across beds24.com. It's an online booking system, channel manager and property management system all in one.

It's a basic but extremely effective system - it doesnt have all the mod cons but it has everything you need and it works.

A 20 room motel with 5 room types and 5 channels costs $45 per month - thats for everything.
Other systems can cost $160 to $300 per month for that.

I'm currently using it with my B&B and I've had no problems. If I still had my motel, I'd swap to it. I've used far more expensive systems and the only thing I would miss with beds24 is the ability to drag rooms around the calender.

I have no financial or other interest in the system but I'd be happy to help set it up on a trial basis for anyone who is not computer literate. I'm semi reitired and enjoy doing that kind of stuff.