Thanks for your reply Paul. Your comments may be correct if you are effectively employed but unfortunately they are not correct if you are a Contract Relief Manager operating your own business (and ABN) and providing relief management for multiple motels (that is, if you are a genuine contractor).

If you are deemed to be a genuine contractor, as I would be, as I advertise my business and am happy to work for any motel who requires my services (provided they fit my criteria) then you may not be covered by the Motel's Insurance. Only some Insurers include contractors and sub contracters, but not the majority.

Here's the danger - If you ask the Motel Business owner if you are included under their policy many would assume yes without even looking or knowing or enquiring. You may think your covered, but you may not be! Then someone get's food poisoning from a breakfast you cooked, and a liability claim not covered by the owners Insurance could be the result.