When we first took over approx 4 years ago we were doing breakfast every morning and lots of them. We stopped Sundays well over a year ago. They have dropped off to the point (like everyone prior has said) of getting rid of them entirely. Unfortunately, it is part of our lease agreement that we must provide meals.

Our orders need to be in by 6pm, and are served to their room between 7 and 8.15.No Sundays or public holidays.
We also do the room prep or the cleaning so this fits with us as well, hubby is the cook!

We have breakfast boxes which are really great. We were using a company our of Albury but they changed the way they did it, so we are now using a QLD company. They cost approx $6.75 delivered and we charge $10. They have a cereal, juice, tub of fruit, muesli bar and a disposable plate and spoon (no washing up!), all packaged in a great presentation box.
We suggest the servo up the road, who do great egg and bacon rolls for $5 and have a good coffee.

We still do meals to the rooms Mon -Thursday but they too have to be ordered by 5.45-6pm latest.Again, they are a thing of the past also. We used to have a cook 5 nights a week doing anywhere between20-30 meals now we do next to nothing