I thank you for the answers which were given (and unfortunately lost on the server :-(). I understand that as the lease owners then things like shampooing carpets and cleaning windows would be a task you undertook. If I was the lease owner and it was my asset then I'd expect to do those jobs also, but would I expect a manager who I paid to do them? Probably not. We do all the admin management duties including laundry and preparing and serving of breakfasts etc etc etc but surely when it comes to things like painting, replacing trim on doors etc, cutting out old grout and replacing etc, then you have to draw the line somewhere?
Our contract covers all the usual management duties and 'minor maintenance' so it would be interesting to hear what you guys would consider to be minor maintenance? We are happy to undertake any task asked of us, but as the lease owner does absolutely nothing here, then we feel we may be being taken advantage of. Any thoughts would be welcomed.