Hi busybees I would be interested in the webinar and contact details you mentioned , we are using update 247 and have found it pretty good so far, we also list with most of the major sites just for exposure as they only make up about 9% of our guests , therefore i just put our own reduced prices on our own website and if they don't like it tough , I notice the other 2 motels in town do the same , having said that we are only a small regional town in Victoria. If they did enforce the parity clause on us we will just say thanks but no thanks, as when someone googles accommodation in our area all 3 motels come up first page even if you can't spell properly! I understand not all businesses will have that luxury , but i don`t believe we will lose all 9% off business and the extra that we keep from no commissions will most likely offset the loss
We where with Arra when we took over( budget) but we just couldn't see the value in it , we got a breakdown of bookings from them and it worked out at about $2,000.00 /year but was costing $6,000.00 a year so we dropped out made our own website and picked up $20.000.00 worth of bookings in the first year with a very basic website (website cost $1,600.00.
I now see Arra are trying to force people into other add ons which all cost. Really we only were getting people that wanted the cheapest room but expected everything for nothing , just the wrong type of customer. The Budget brand is seen as old and cheap and that's probably the guests that you will attract