SURPRISE SURPRISE I received the email from the Solar power people this morning, so I thought I would share it with you, for some light reading (pardon the pun!!)

So the basic breakdown of the SPPA (Solar Power Purchase Agreement) is that we will come out and install a solar system at no cost to you, from there we will charge you at a FIXED rate per Kilowatt Hour for the power used and produced from the solar system (at a lower rate than you are currently paying).
The rate is FIXED for the term of the agreement, allowing you to take control and lock in your power price and budget for your power usage a lot more accurately year to year, as you don’t have to worry about price rises.
At the end of the agreement, the ownership of the system is transferred over to you.
Any power exported for FIT (Feed in Tariff) stays with you, so it will be credited to you by your electricity retailer at the current FIT rate.
We maintain and monitor the system for the period of the agreement, so if there are any faults we will have a technician fix them as quickly as possible.
We will also provide you with a buyout figure regularly if you at some point wish to exit the agreement and just purchase the system.
Effectively all of this allows for you to FIX and BUDGET for your power costs in the future whilst getting cheaper power and your own solar system, for NO UPFRONT INVESTENT OR RISK ON YOUR BEHALF.

To determine whether this will benefit you suitably we will need to see a recent power bill, so that we can analyse it and see what your daily usage is, what system you will require and what your current electricity rate is so that we can estimate savings and system size.
Please be sure to include ALL PAGES of the electricity bill, as usage charges and amounts are usually on the second or third page.
You can either email your bill to us by scanning it and just replying to this message, or you can fax it to us on the free fax number below.

cheers Busybees