Hi Portland Cabbage,
There seems to be a lot of talk about the price parity and mentioning ACCC, where people have said the OTAs backed off.

There is a webinair, that I have just received but haven't had the chance to watch yet...

Just in case you missed the webinar I held the other week, I thought I would send you a link to be able to view it anytime.

The webinar was about 'How to Instantly Regain Market Share and Direct Bookings from OTAs'. Click here to view the webinar.

With the relationship between Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and hotels resembling an abusive one with OTAs calling the shots, taking the rewards and leaving hoteliers shaking, most hoteliers are too afraid to fight back.

In the webinar I will show you that you no longer have to accept what the giant OTAs dictate. I will show you what you need to assert yourself against the OTAs and win more client via direct channels, in particular your website.

Things I will cover in the website include:
• How to instantly regain market share from OTAs and increase direct bookings
• How to overcome rate parity agreement issues when charging less
• The right way to combat OTAs multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that steal your direct bookings
• Discover how to deal with "brand hijacking" on Google
• The perfect harmony between OTAs and direct bookings… one does exist!
Let me know if you have any questions after viewing the webinar including knowing more about our 'Direct Booking Booster' program.

If you want I can email the web address for the host and you can contact him to view it.