Hi Busybees

I am doing TA Business Listing which costs me a flat rate of $100 per month. This puts my phone number, Star reviews, Certificates, email address on the TA listing for my motel. It also puts my web address as a link direct to my website which has a price rate/availability page set up. This means that prospective customers can book direct through TA onto my website. The phone number that TA have put on my page is a linked number through TA so we always know how many phone calls are booked direct through TA.
It also gives me a pop up box which I can put Special Rates or offers on.
I like it, I am getting nearly double the TA enquiries compared to last year. I am also getting a lot of guests who are going to TA then linking directly to my website then calling me direct.
I am not using the pay per click only the business listing. Hope this helps. I am also on Booking.com, Jetstar, Agoda, Stay247, the Hotel Network. I am no longer on Wotif. Hope this helps....