Hi Portland Cabbage,
Just wondering on the update of TA business listing, In one response (somewhere on here!!) you had just joined and had received 2 bookings in the first week. So is it still going well?
This pay per click is still a little confusing, someone said "click is when they click on your rates" {April 30 So, your cost for using trip connect is how many people click through on your rates (pay per click)}. and someone else said it is when they actually click to book that you get charged. {May 5.. if you generate a booking at a click through to your website}

So can you please tell me which if either is correct, or what actually is correct?? [hope that makes sense].
you said the rate had come down considerably and that you thought it was worth the outlay, is this still your opinion? How many bookings do you get from here?