So BMM it now just 2 months since you left, its probably a bit too soon for any real feedback
Allseasons, you have been out for over a year, any feedback for the rest of us??

No i would not be part of a chain, if we had a choice.
As I said previously, we are bound by our lease to be part of a chain. We have spoken to the landlord, and yes we can leave Arra but we must then join another one. So I guess its best to stay with the devil you know.
I had a chuckle when 1 read "pens and stationary". in 3 years we have received 3 free pens and 2 free shirts,2 caps and lots of stickers (of which I still have no idea where to use them!!) I think we have received 3 bookings from head office, and a handful from the book in those 3 years.
On the other hand our fees have risen, again and again. We are now being charged more for emails and web hosting. We had our own channel manager, our web hosts and the emails were working fine, when we first took over the motel.
3 years ago we were held over a barrel, where we had to move over to their channel manager or pay double fees (as the fee for channel manager was incorporated into the Arra fees) and still pay for the channel manager of our choice, so naturally we moved over. We now have to change web hosts AGAIN, due to their original not being reliable enough and having no support. So now we have 3 choices, keep the outdated, move across to their new one or choose our own (again we had one before but HAD to move).
IF there is an advantage I guess,its you do have support for everything in a "one stop shop", albeit from 9-5, with some very friendly staff. I can send an email and they will action it for me, and follow it up. They do offer some advice on other matters.BUT that's where it stops!!
BTW those "more and more benefits" we were discovering STOPPED then and there!!
We must also stay with AAA as part of our agreement, so hopefully the "new" business will provide something for its costs.
We too have cancelled cartoscope maps and yellow pages.
P.S. BMM.....LOVE "some misguided whim put forward by our CEO." I wonder if he or any of the directors are members of Mingle?? it would be interesting for them to read this forum that's for sure!!!