We are not a holiday destination so therefore we are not seasonal here either, but we have slowed noticeably over the past 2 years and is quite drastic. The weather was horrid, cold and wet.
The whole industry seems to be in a slump. We had a rep drop in yesterday and he said he has been to 95% of his territory and hasn't sold one thing. The linen company is only coming a couple of times a week because again, all the motels are suffering. They are only going out of town once a week instead of the 3 times due to the lack of dirty linen.
The progressive council is allowing yet another 3 accommodation providers to built here in a place that is already over saturated with beds that can't be filled. Last year even our so called "busy periods" not all the beds were filled.
If anyone has any ideas on how to increase business I am sure we would all love to know.