We finally got around to getting some smart remotes. We went with the AirconOff product just because they were sending emails really. We bought 18 and I was pleasantly surprised when he quoted the price at $39 each for a large order (?) - I had been prepared to pay more. They arrived on Friday and we now realise why they are so cheap. For a start they look cheap and nasty and they are silver while everything else in the room is off white (my fault - didn't think to ask about colour). Geoff set one up in one of the rooms and the set up was reasonably easy once you found the right code. However the buttons get stuck easily and the wall bracket is very flimsy. And the placebo affect only works in one direction - up for warming and down for cooling. Anyway we have thought about it and decided that we are going to send them back.
I have looked at the ultima remote site and at least they are the right colour. I will ring them on Monday and let you know how that goes.