Beware, the salesmen are out in force (I've had two in the last two weeks!), trying to con me into this one.

Firstly they are saying that the Government have given us a $20k tax reduction. No, the Government gave you the opportunity to defer $20k of your tax on profits to a later year. That is if you have $20k in your pocket to spend! Oh, don't they realise we don't make profits to pay tax on in the first place!!

Then they start to talk about the storage battery options, with a 2/3 year payback. That technology, as far as I can gather is in its infancy and it will be 5-10 years before the costs come down and make it affordable. I read one article that a single house would cost $20k; so how much for a motel using 100Kwh per day?

I rest my case!

In America the energy suppliers are the front runners on this, so how long before our electricity supplies cotton on that they need to be in it to win it?