2 years ago, I started this topic and appreciate the feedback. As of now, we have terminated our contnot ract with our chain and are now trading as an independent Motel. We are not naïve enough to believe that this will not cost us some business, but believe that the hit will be minimal and offset, in part, by the reduction in our expenses of ongoing membership fees. Chains, whether by their own choice or perhaps efforts to survive are putting more demands on their members and forget that not all of us are in the same needs or are in this business for the same end game. Some of us are progressive and looking for the ultimate rewards, while others of us are looking at this as a winding down occupation.
I am not suggesting that we should not be aware if what is happening, but we do not all want to be 4 star properties. We have built up our business over our 12 years of ownership and will continue to investigate all avenues of advancement, but will now do this by choice, not by some misguided whim put forward by our CEO.