I have just finished yet another bathroom and today started on the next one and it got me thinking about Health & Safety. Yes, I know it rules the world! But, we do have a duty of care to ourselves, when we are doing the work.

You may be paying Worker's Comp for your staff, but what about yourself? A very grey area and given you are likely the work horses of the motel, if you are down, who does your job?

You just can't afford to be casual about these things and whilst you as owners can walk across your roof without support ropes or a hard hat, that is quite a risk to take. My advice, particularly when doing renovations, is wear the appropriate clothing and protection. We are not talking steal cap boots here, but be mindful of shrapnel that can cut or sever and put you out of action. Also your eyes and lungs; you only have one pair, so protect them from dust and contaminates etc.

Appropriate foot/head wear, gloves, masks, eyewear and maybe a long sleeve shirts sometimes.

Also many of us oldies need to be mindful of back, neck and knee injuries. Have the right tools to do the job, to make things easier. It is worth the spend. Use an old room pillow to cushion the blows!

And lastly; take your time. You are not a tradie, so always think ahead as to the how you can most easily achieve your objective. Like driving fatigue causes mistakes.