Hi Angimon and Ballina, I have taken the same approach as you Ballina and have not as yet signed up to Wotif. I have till the end of the month. I have decided not to sign with them as I refuse to pay their fees and I also don't like them telling me that my own rates cannot be cheaper than theirs. I did the same as Mountain Man (May 7th) and upped my rates on all OTA sites to cover the commission charges. Then I signed up with TripAdvisor for a Business Listing which then includes my Motel Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website and any Specials I want on my TripAdvisor webpage. My specials are advertising to book direct for a cheaper rate! Customers can click on my details and this takes them straight to my own website where I got SiteMinder to set up a Booking Button for me which includes a page with rates and availability. I have put reduced rates (no commissions) on this site and so far it is working really well, I am getting direct emails and bookings from my booking page from people who go to TripAdvisor and connect with me through there. I am still getting bookings from Booking.com as well and I will stay with them as they are my biggest OTA. Hopefully I will not notice the difference when Wotif finishes with me, but if it causes too much damage then I figure I can re-sign up with them later, I would rather do that than sign up now and be locked into a contract and regret it.