Hi Angimon. I've not heard of 'Standalone Bookings'. Is this the same as their 'Hotel Collect' which is basically a mirror image of Booking.com , where you decide when to collect the monies. Be aware that some of these deals only give you exposure to Australia and NZ and not world wide. There is for example a 10% commission deal that does just that Oz + NZ.

We have the 'Hotel Collect' with 100% taken at time of booking (better the monies in my pocket than theirs), but beware 'YOU ONLY HAVE 72 HOURS' from the time of the booking in which to cancel the booking if the Credit Card is declined. I fell foul of this the other week by just one hour and it then took seven days of haggling with Expedia to get it cancelled. If fact they were unable to do so till they had contacted the client and they had agree to cancel!

I did read somewhere that the OTA's were running scared of the 'parity rate' issue and not enforcing it and if challenged by them you only had to shout 'Fair Trading' and they would run away.

I am thinking of discounting my 'booking button' prices, maybe by way of a 'permanent promotion' and see what happens.