Our rates have gone up...again...(19 rooms $442.08 10 boxes)

They stopped sending out the sports program guide, (some months back),not that that really bothered me, but as I said the monthly subs have increased as have the number of adds and now they are stopping the program guide as of June 30!!
When it changed over from Austar to Foxtel, we were told we were entitled to 10 boxes for our monthly fee, so I said yep I'd like the 10 channels, believing that we were entitled to it it should come free!! Boy was I wrong, we got charged for extra shelving (even though it was there), extra cable even though it went nowhere. I look at what they are advertising for the home viewer vs what they are charging us is an absolute joke. I too would love to ditch it, but feel we do have a few customers that do watch the gayFl oops sorry AFL!!
I put it in the same category as OTA's.....necessary evils!!