I tried to put this on the members beware page but it wouldn't allow me!!
Miriam and Simon (EDITED), (EDITED) from Sydney

Just a pre warning for what appears to be a dodgy guest, looking for accommodation this week for 2 workers.

Miriam from (EDITED) rang yesterday morning to book 2 of her employees for Mon-Fri. Did we supply breakfast lunch and dinner? She asked about parking for a drilling rig and long trailer. She said she would check with her supervisor, and perhaps ring back. She rang back about 4pm and wanted to book the room but now only needed Wed, Thurs and Fri, but the boys would know if they needed Fri once they arrived. I took her particulars, and told her she would pay the first night’s tariff to secure the booking. She said usually they to do an EFT on check out for all the accommodation and food, I said no sorry. She said that was ok there should be enough $ on that card, as they shuffle the money around. If not ring me back. Obviously the card declined and the number she gave me also wasn’t hers. Luckily enough the lady that answered knew what (EDITED) number was. When I told her who I was she sounded surprised! I told her the card had declined and she said she would speak to the supervisor to get him to transfer money across and he would be back to me in about 10mins. That was at 5.50pm last night!! Still haven’t heard so I have cancelled the booking.
By the way the name on the card, ( her supervisor) has the same surname as hers (EDITED).

They may well be legit but it is a bit sus to me, so should she ring I would suggest that you make sure you get payment up front for everything.