Every time the guest check ins that has booked online I tell them how we don't charge cc fees or booking fees or cancellation fees, and explain that it us that give those tariffs to the OTAs and that we will match them should they book directly with us. Plus you also get all the information when you book directly.
I know its going to take FOREVER to convert everyone, and then there will be some that will just continue to book online BUT if EVERY motel did the same thing it would get the message out there faster and reinforce it.
I have been saying since I joined that I wish all booking and cancellation, policies were the same. That all motels adopt the same practices so that the guest IS informed and knows what to expect instead of me hearing. " oh you're the first motel that said that" or "I was allowed to at my last motel" So now to add to this I wish every motel would inform their guests to book directly and not with OTAs.
I know ... I live in a dream world!!