Thanks Stephanie, that is interesting. Do you have much competition?
To me, it is somewhat difficult to justify their monthly charge.....I'm obviously not privy to their business plan but I can say that we own and maintain the head end equipment and the cabling to the rooms. Foxtel's contribution? A dish that retails for $45, a LNB retail $30 (both of which stay on the roof until the end of time), and decoder boxes that cost them about $18 each. Then they supply us with an inferior signal, close to non-existent customer service, and then fill their content up with advertisements and charge businesses exorbitant rates. Anyone remember their launch advertising all those years ago.....TV uninterrupted by ads? Bahhhahaha!
They were more relevant before the advent of digital tv. I just want to make sure I do not p*** off my customers by removing these channels.