As this is by far the most popular topic on this site, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how we can 'fight back'?
Public sentiment and news items at the moment are focusing on overseas companies not paying tax in Australia, and how hard the current climate is for small business. So, I was thinking of putting a dreaded sign up in Reception (and believe me, this idea didn't come easy, as I am a sign-hater!) My sign (to be finalised) will go something like this...
"Did you know that many third-party booking sites pay no tax in Australia? They take between 12 and 15% of any booking.... that's money that isn't taxed and doesn't go in to maintaining or improving our motel. If you would like to support small business and improve our facilities, please remember to book direct... and remember, we can offer you the same rate!"
It would be great if we could start a bit of a revolution, and get guests to book with us direct and take some of the power back!
What do you think?