Hi Portland, we have the TA business listing. Originally we found the cost excessive for what it was providing to us in terms of direct bookings. Having taken the time to explore and learn all that is on offer, we find this our most valuable advertising tool. The TripConnect is a booking direct through TA site itself. No commission is payable. Using the trip connect you have the option of being able to advertise your motel rates. You do have to log in each day as the likes of wotif & booking.com regularly outbid you to bump your rates off the booking screen. So, your cost for using trip connect is how many people click through on your rates (pay per click). We typically spend around 200 - 300 per month on the trip connect pay per clicks for bookings direct to us through our advertised rates, this represents a saving in commissions to booking.com//wotif etc of around 3500 a month so it is well worth while. Tripadvisor is really just an advertising portal, by becoming a business listing member you get the opportunity to advertise against the wotif's, booking.com's etc etc and compete for direct bookings, it doesn't replace the other OTA's.