Hi Portlandcabbage

I have a business listing. The main reason I went with this was to drive those that look at reviews on TA to my website not to an OTA. The business listing displays a link to my website, the business address and phone number. Currently the phone number is a monitored number, and apparently I'll be able to access data on how many guests rang using this number. I've also got the ability to add special offers or announcements to my page. Currently I'm not using these but if I ever have an offer or announcement the option's there!
Originally I thought the cost excessive, but it has come down considerably from when I was first looking at it. I ran some numbers and for me, if I can get one booking a week direct that would have booked through an OTA I will come out about even (ex GST). At the end of the day I'm trying to make money, but sometimes you have to spend it to make it!
Also, following up on Busybees comment above, the popularity index is not purely on number of reviews - if you get the most reviews in your town/area and they are all ones, you won't come out as number one!