Congratulations Keymaster for having the backbone to stick by the Forum rules and ban offensive material.

While I do agree with Mr. Petersen that we need robust discussion, I was also nose out of joint by the blatant attitude that "budget motels" were a blight on the industry.

For those that are seeking to make your fortune,I would agree that upgrades and investment is paramount, there are many like myself who run a neat ship and invest wisely as not to over-capitalize on their investment. More often than not, we are also the guys that have bought the freehold and are in it for the long term.

Many look upon the older motels as a hinderance on their ability to raise tariff, but coming from a town with approx. 10 motels,there is room for all of us to make a good living.

So , the moral is , have your opinion and have your say, but keep in mind that just because you may have the prettiest business on the block, it doesn't mean that you are the smartest operator.

There is room for all, keep it friendly