Solar will add value to your property if there is a saving in power costs as it will affect your profit.
We have done the research on the Solar and although it is favourable, we will need to outlay around $30k on this leasehold. As we do not intend to stay long enough to reap the benefit we have decided not to use it.
In every other respect, solar is a worthwhile investment, but until the suppliers offer a storage option (batteries), I won't do it. Most of the power is consumed after dark and there is little benefit. We would of course, run the HWS during the day but AC units will run all night and solar won't assist that.

That is why no accommodation house in Ballina has gone solar! Probably because most are leaseholds and the operators won't spend the money. And on the other hand, there are some very low rent accommodation providers in Ballina. I have seen the TripAdvisor reviews !!