Yes, PortlandCabbage. Good point, but I record the fee as an extra charge as I prefer to track the charges applied for internet. I can use the stats to learn about trends. Guests have the option NOT to pay if they don't need internet and save $5.00. We do hand out a few freebies too.
Keeping our traffic to a minimum gives a much better service to those who are prepared to pay the $5.
As I mentioned before, there are many expensive high class hotels charging up to $30 and more. Why do smaller properties have to give everything away for free. Are we not here to make decent revenue?
I vary my rates by the hour. We use Guestpoint which allows for dynamic rate adjustments. So if I were to just give away internet, I would really have no way of tracking or justifying the service.
I can tell you that I have taken $500 for the 4 months just for internet. It pays for my internet services and phones.