O.K. so it looks like my BAS return just got a little more complicated!

On this basis, by my calculations, we are way ahead. Even at 15% commission rate from Wotif/Expedia and with no GST to pay or recover on these transactions, we are 8% better off.

So why is everyone winging about a 15% commission rate?

We could in fact afford to pay Wotif/Expedia 20% commission to break even with the old Wotif 12% commission rate.

I quite like the Expedia financial model. They win, we win, but oh dear, the Government just lost out big time. ACCC were warned, but ignored or did not understand the issue. Wotif had a turnover of $1.14 billion last year; you do the sums. Could build a lot of 'super schools' with that or reinvest in tourism.