Thanks for some sort of logical explanation Ballina Colonial.

I rang to have some details adjusted and my availability corrected, and asked when Expedia bought WOTIF. I was told by the WOTIF rep that this happened in November (which I think the offer was probably there but waiting for ACCC decision?). I then asked why they had changed to the new platform without any advice to the suppliers of how to get their listing to display correctly. Six months in the pipeline and not a word to us... craziness! So, my listing looks terrible and many details are incorrect... hopefully it just pushes people to book direct.
Also, using Expedia for reviews is unfair as we are not all listed on this and therefore don't have the option to take a higher score other than the .3 they give us.
PS I must say how much I love all the Americanisation - talking about cribs etc! Great Aussie company WOTIF... NOT!