Applegum hi

Both the old and new Wotif exist. The old can only be accessed via any of the Google AddWords or Banner Pages (side advertising) or So if you Google searched for ‘Wotif’ and then hit the top or side advert you get the old, but go to the first searched item gets you to the new.

Anyway, this is the link to the new Wotif front page:

The link to the old Wotif is now:!1912!3!62780311681!e!!g!!wotif&gclid=CjwKEAjw0LmoBRDHuo7UkaKXhn8SJADmDTG0reJJ9UEIm4cumufEAYDtbICZWOMD1MMMSnP7a_dlqRoCePPw_wcB&ef_id=VGbLswAAACFL@Go-:20150322222120:s

Hope this helps.

Yesterday I did an analysis of the 26 Ballina accommodation providers now loaded on new Wotif. Only 6 are 100% correct and only because they were correct on Expedia. In effect everything they loaded from old Wotif is incorrect for some reason. Amazing.

This analysis also clearly demonstrates how they have fudge the 'review scores. Their logic was that if your Expedia review score was greater than Wotif's , use Expedia's, if not, use Wotif's and add 0.3 to the score. How bad is that?