I am very happy with the reviews on TripAdvisor and yep I do respond to every one regardless of whether good or bad. I would much prefer TA to booking.com as we have the right to reply to EVERY review not the ones that they "allow" us too!! I believe this is extremely unfair of b.c.
It is amazing what a bit of tv advertising can do...booking.yeah. booking.annoy me!!
they have such poor customer service for accomm. providers. I am not sure what they are like from a guests point of view, but if I didn't have to use them then I surely wouldn't!! And yes guys I do have to use them purely because they do account for over 80% of our bookings.a necessary evil.
I have been educating EVERY guest of the virtue of using OTAs but then to book direct.
I also send out a thank you email to every guest regardless of with whom they booked and request a review on TA, who knows, some may do both!!
I was just on FB, looking at my friend's post whilst holidaying in Tasmania. She has struck a bad motel, and EVERY response was "check out TA they tell you where and not where to stay". not one person said."check out B.C review page"
I believe that if you have a business listing with TA you do have a book now button, so people can do the same as b.c, review and book. I could be wrong though!