I are not sure if any of you are STAR Rated, but this was one of the reasons I started on such a major refurbishment in order to retain my 3.5 STAR. 50% of Ballina Star Rated properties lost 1/2 a STAR because they had not spent their money wisely in maintaining the appearance and meeting current customer expectations. I got smart and although Star Ratings Australia marked me down to 3 STAR, I got a 'dispensation' from them such that I can retain my 3.5 STAR until the work is finished.

If you are STAR Rated and are refurbishing, do not just replace new for old. Look at the STAR Rating criteria for 1/2 or one STAR above you and cherry pick what you can easily incorporate. In a Bedroom, this may be lighting, the standard of carpet or bed. In a Bathroom, it would be floor to ceiling tiling, back to wall toilets or mirrors inset in the tiles. Simple stuff.

Now I am not a tradie, but I have learnt a few tricks. For example, you can tile on tile and save yourself a huge amount of time and mess. A product by Dunlop called 'Tile All' (available in Bunnings) is skimmed over the existing tile (use a mix with more liquid than recommended for ease of application & wear rubber gloves) allowing you to waterproof and tile over it.