I have looked at our "new listing" with the move of the Wotif platform and it is the worst, most out-dated listing you could imagine. I have contacted Wotif, Expedia and Best Western but of course each wants to shift the blame to the next one and none of them seem able to help with loading our photos we previously had on the listing which were 12 - 18 months old unlike the ones we now have which are over 10 years old. As for our ratings and reviews, they have not even filtered through so we have lost our 4.1/5 from 112 reviews. Because the current dates are still loading in the old format it is only when I skip forward 2 weeks the extent of shambles that Wotif has become is really apparent. We are not expecting too many bookings through Wotif in the future so I guess it is their loss commission wise.