The cost of a room in a motel summary:
Price eg; $100 per night
Gst 10%
Accommodation provider commission eg and wotif 12% ( i believe that they are going to raise their rates to 15% this year)
100 less 12% = 82.00
100 less gst = 90
So for a 100$ room we get $78.00
Less water electricity, land rates, phone, internet, linen, cleaning, channel manager and PMS = I shudder to think

The room price on line has to be higher to recoup the charges.

What has happened to the guests? they think that it is trendy to book on line?
If they ring up to book a room we can offer a discount and still be in front

So getting back to branding.....can you afford $10,000 per month?...i think not.

The motel business is NOT the same as it was 5 years ago